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GMB and alternative content strategies to increase traffic and revenue in 2022

21/10/2021 – 16.00 – 16.40 pm CEST

Conférence in 🇬🇧

Having an omnichannel SEO strategy is key in 2022. An omnichannel SEO strategy includes Google My Business and other alternative content strategies that will align to search intent and influence a user faster when making a purchasing decision. In this talk, we will walk through GMB and how a small business can use it as an important source of revenue and relevant traffic.
A case study on a small business will be included. How a start up chain of florists in the UK went from generating £0 on GMB to generating £30000 on Google My Business.
Other alternative content strategies will also be included: feature snippets, Google Shopping, video, images and social media results.
To conclude, we will include an analysis on how the users consume content and behave online. We’ll see how this influences the way search results are presented, and how SEO should evolve to keep up.


Maria Amelie White

Head of SEO Operations