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-> Interview with Mikaël Priol - for We Love SEO 2022

Your passion for SEO: what triggered it?

At the end of 2000, during one of my many lives as an entrepreneur, I was trying to figure out how to create a website for my real estate company. Then, one thing led to another and I started creating sites with advertising to make money. I set myself the challenge of having 1000 sites that would each generate €1 a day from advertising. From there was born the idea of setting up a website factory. I went to Tunisia to make this project a reality. To finance it, we created sites for many clients and experimented with SEO strategies to make them visible. Everything started from there.

Focus on your conference: what will SEARCH Lovers learn?

This year I will be presenting our innovative approach to matching Google topics with Majestic SEO Trust Flow. Content that is ranked in a certain topic by Google must receive links from the right topic to gain visibility. During my presentation, we will see :
– How Google has evolved on the measurement of the authority of pages (I will break a lot of preconceived ideas on the subject).
– How Google classifies and orders content by Topic.
– How and with which tools to identify the theme of a content and find authority sites in the right theme.

Why are you the “Perfect Match” on this subject?

Over the years I have become one of the largest site owners in France (more than 10,000 sites online and more than 30,000 domain names). This is a unique playground for me but also for all my teams, especially my R&D team, who are busy carrying out numerous tests to understand the algorithms.
Thanks to this laboratory, we are always innovative. And every year, I have material to talk about a new topic or to approach a topic from a new angle at We Love SEO.

Why is it important for you to support We Love SEO this year? is a partner of We Love SEO since 2019. The entire event industry has been hit hard by the health crisis. We were there before the crisis, we were there during the crisis and we are here after. We hope to continue supporting this heartfelt and well-organised event for a long time.

3 reasons to join this new edition?

We Love SEO stands out for :
– The quality of the presentations and the people you meet, in netlinking and in all dimensions of SEO.
– A human-sized event format, neither too small nor too large, that invites contact.
– The gastronomic experience. A detail that is not a detail, since the buffet at We Love SEO is one of the best at SEO events. This contributes to the conviviality of the moment and the encounters 😊

Can you describe your solution?

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