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All sessions are now available for viewing on-demand. Watch the replay of We Love SEO conferences on-demand to stay ahead of the curve and learn from the expertise of an exceptional panel of SEO experts.
We Love SEO is a fully bilingual event in French and English. Don’t miss out on talks in French: subtitles are available for all conferences.
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How to evaluate the strength of your backlinks?
Case study in 🇫🇷

Links are at the heart of Google’s algorithm to measure the authority of a page.
But not all links are equal. There is a wide range of tools, each offering different measurement indicators: Mikaël Priol will explain how to take advantage of them to evaluate the real power of your links.
This conference will develop the following points:
– The 3 components of SEO equity
– The purpose of the different tools available
– How to choose a good link
– The dangers of bad links

Linkbuilding: what strategy should you use?
Conference in 🇫🇷

Analyzing the backlinks of the SERP before launching a link campaign allows you to optimize your actions and adapt the strategy to consider according to the situation of your site. In 20 minutes, Jacky Giang will present some concrete use cases and the strategies to adopt.

Predictions & Predictive SEO

Crystal balls and magic wands: using projections in SEO
Case study in 🇬🇧

SEO forecasting is not just a tool to predict how you’ll rank. In this talk, Rebecca Berbel will look at two applications of forecasting in SEO. First, she’ll examine the past in order to establish the impact of SEO implementations. She’ll then look to the future at how you can expect traffic to grow, and the impact SEO projects can have on that prediction.
Join Rebecca for a walk-through of different methods and results in the field of SEO forecasting.

Predictive SEO: predicting the most important elements for your strategy
Case study in 🇫🇷

Have you ever wondered in advance what impact your next SEO changes could have on your performance? Vincent, Emmanuel and their respective teams have been working for several months on an innovative project. Data, SEO expertise and machine learning are put to the test to bring a solution to this issue.
This case study will focus on:
– Why is SEO forecasting useful?
– How to make reliable SEO forecasting
– Concrete examples around semantics, CWV, etc.
– Tools to measure the conditions of success

Discover the first results of this project that will soon be a reference for making the right decisions in your SEO strategies.

International SEO

International SEO: Real-life experiences and best practices
Panel discussion in 🇬🇧

International SEO is a world of many challenges, from culturally complex market definitions, to foreign-language keyword research, from international link building to specific issues in technical SEO.
Learn from the experience of Sophie Brannon, Gianluca Fiorelli, Lidia Infante & Mario La Malfa to uncover the strategies and pitfalls of optimizing websites that target an international market for optimal search performance.

Successful Ranking Strategies

GMB and alternative content strategies to increase traffic and revenue in 2022
Conférence in 🇬🇧

Having an omnichannel SEO strategy is key in 2022. An omnichannel SEO strategy includes Google My Business and other alternative content strategies that will align to search intent and influence a user faster when making a purchasing decision. In this talk, we will walk through GMB and how a small business can use it as an important source of revenue and relevant traffic.
A case study on a small business will be included. How a start up chain of florists in the UK went from generating £0 on GMB to generating £30000 on Google My Business.
Other alternative content strategies will also be included: feature snippets, Google Shopping, video, images and social media results.
To conclude, we will include an analysis on how the users consume content and behave online. We’ll see how this influences the way search results are presented, and how SEO should evolve to keep up.

Copywriting and tech synergy: concrete arguments for a strong collaboration
Conference in 🇫🇷

Panorama of situations encountered where the active cooperation between the different SEO expertises directly influences the performance of this acquisition channel.
During this conference, Syphaïwong will address:
– Technological choices on a site
– Multilingual management
– Search intent query vs. content

Data, SEO and common sense – how to continue to make room for ourselves in Google’s SERPs?
Case study in 🇫🇷

Between fierce and sometimes inscrupulous competition on one hand, and blind trust in the SERPs, it is difficult today to achieve double digit growth in SEO. Alexandre (CEO of Myposeo) and David (VP SEO of Jellyfish) will explain the techniques they use in order to rank on Google, based on case studies conducted in France and internationally.


Rewind to fast forward: Play the classics or time for change?
Keynote in 🇬🇧

2021 has been a year of change. The last few months alone could be called the Summer of Google Updates, with new algorithm changes rolled out almost every week, from core, to quality, to link profiles. SERPs have transformed since the start of the pandemic too, for reasons not just related to COVID, not to mention recent breakthroughs in Keras-based TF-ranking algorithms. And there are plenty more significant changes on the horizon!
In his lively keynote, Bastian takes a look back in time to chart the course for the future. In anything, we can’t move forward without first knowing where we’ve been – and SEO is certainly no exception. Let’s take a step back and look forward together to better prepare you for what’s ahead!